Saturday, March 25

Le pinson à sourcils roses est un oiseau presque incroyable.

A bird with lovely pink plumage is wonderful, but what could be more so? I’d venture to say not much.
To put it mildly, the history of the color pink is undoubtedly fascinating.

According to recent scientific research, it is actually the oldest color pigment.

Bright pink hues have been “created by ancient ocean animals” and are “more than 500 million years older than the next oldest known pigments,” according to Nur Gueneli, who is a doctorate student at the Australian National University.

The pink-browed finch is an almost unbelievable bird.

According to a news release, Dr. Gueneli

The vibrant pink pigments are the molecular remains of chlorophyll created by long-extinct photosynthetic creatures that formerly lived in an ancient ocean.

The pink-browed finch is an almost unbelievable bird.
Researchers “pulverized billion-year-old rocks into powder, then removed and examined the molecules of ancient organisms they contained,” according to CNN, in order to find the pigments.

The pink-browed sparrow, flamingos, cotton candy, and bubblegum all boldly display the oldest color known to mankind.

The pink-browed finch is an almost unbelievable bird.
The Fringillidae family of finches includes the Pink-browed Finch (Carpodacus rodochroa). To quote Wikipedia:

“There are more than 200 species in the Fringillidae family, grouped into 50 genera. It comprises the siskin, canary, redpoll, canary, grosbeak, and euphonia species.

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